Rules and Regulations



1) Every studentshall observe proper behavior, follow the discipline and the orders given bythe college administration in the college.

2) If the studentis found guilty of indiscipline on the college campus or outside the campus orthe college finds him guilty of any kind of misbehavior, then the head of theinstitution can take disciplinary/punitive action against that student.

3) If the studentbrings any type of vehicle to the college, then the responsibility of thesafety of that vehicle will be of the student himself. The collegeadministration will not be responsible for any kind of loss.

4) Student are to strictlyfollow the discipline in the college campus. They are also required to behaverestrainedly in the classroom, laboratory, library and participate inactivities of the college with proper decorum.

5) It is mandatoryfor the student to attend the class regularly. According to the University Act75% attendance is mandatory for appearing in the annual examination.

6. Students willnot indulge in any kind of anti-social, political and violent activities.

7. The studentwill not misbehave with any employee of the college, if it is found, thenstrict action will be taken by the head of the institution as per rules.

8. Bringing mobilein the college campus is strictly prohibited. Apart from this, the student willnot bring any valuable items in the college campus, if he does so, then in caseof loss or loss, the entire responsibility will be of the student himself.

9. Students shallnot damage any movable or immovable property of the college. If he does so thenstrict action will be taken against him.

10. The student arenot to bring his outside friends or relatives to the college premises duringregular classes or college programs without prior permission.

11. Each student shallcarry the identity card issued by the college and present it on demand.

12. Every studentis expected to read the college notice board regularly.

13. It is appealedto every student that he will cooperate in maintaining healthy academicenvironment in the college and will behave decently in the college and willcome to the college wearing decent clothes.

14. A student canbe debarred from all examinations for not attending the college regularly, notbeing regular in classes or for showing indiscipline.

15. The collegeadministration will have the full right to give or deny admission, suspend orinitiate action for any activity or conduct that is not conductive formaintaining a proper academic atmosphere in the college.

16 It will bemandatory for the students to follow the discipline and rules of the Universityand of the Higher Education Department, Government of Chhattisgarh. In case ofnon-compliance of the rules by the students, the Principal has full right totake disciplinary/punitive action against them.

17. From the pointof view of environmental protection and cleanliness, polythene and otherprohibited materials are completely banned in the college.

18. All admissionrelated rules of the college will be applicable as per the directives issued bythe Higher Education Department, Government of Chhattisgarh and HemchandUniversity, Durg.